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Our faster delivery time is 12 hours. The urgent orders within 4 to 8 hours; just mention it as a rush order while sending your order(s). We help our clients achieve and retain the greatest possible success.

Money Back Guarantee!

Your satisfaction is our first priority; But in any unlikely events that you are not entirely satisfied with our quality and services we guarantee a REFUND.

We always try to provide outstanding quality digitizing by our team of experienced digitizers. However if we are unable to meet your quality standards and demands we will give you a store credit or a refund; whatever would be convenient for you.


Our support team is here to help our customers Mon/Friday. You can contact us by phone or email 9 am to 9 pm for any questions regarding your orders, price quotes or billing.

We will be more than happy to help you.





Price Estimates!

Get a free Price Estimates with a stitch count and a digital sew-out file to project the embroidery effects. Price estimates are provided within a couple of hours. Our skilled digitizers are available any time to help you.

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We provide quality and fast digitizing and vector art solutions to custom embroidery and screen printing businesses.

What is the best way to send an artwork for digitizing or vector graphic?

The easiest way is to send an email with attached design file. Or just logging on to your account from our website and your place order.

How can I send an art image or design?

We can accept just about everything from a computer generated image, to a fax of a doodle on a bar napkin. All we really need is a relatively clear image with the color separations. If we are not sure we understand what the image is we will ask or provide an art proof for you to verify the image.

What form of artwork do you require?

Our first choice is vector art. Either a Corel Draw file (.cdr) or an Adobe Illustrator file (.ai) Please convert all text to curves because sometimes fonts which are unavailable create mistakes. If vector art is not available then a graphic file in either .jpeg .eps .bmp or. Tiff format will work. If graphic files are not available, we can also use camera-ready art. If none of these are available, then there could be an additional charge to prepare an art for digitizing.

How do you ensure quality?

We inspect each digitized file to ensure the design is sharp and clean. If we find any problem, and we ever found, we correct it. We do this until it is finally perfect.

How will I receive my completed design?

Files are sent attached to an email provided to you or you can download it from our website by logging on to your account.

How much do you charge per design?

We charge by the stitch count and we also offer flat rate prices. We don’t charge most of the edits and let you know before editing if it cost you.

What is your turn around time?

Our turn-around time is 12 hours. For your rush orders we do as per instructions.